About Us

Member Recruitment

Membership strength is the best way of meeting union goals for acceptable wages and benefits, job security and dignity, workplace safety and maintaining a strong political voice. That’s why the Northern Michigan Building Trades Council assists its affiliate union building trades in efforts to organize unrepresented builders and tradesman. We conduct seminars to keep union organizers abreast of the latest methods and techniques for recruitment. 

Jobsite Safety

Work-related injuries and illnesses costs the nation billions of dollars in salary and other compensation every year. NMBT spearheads cooperative labor-management efforts to ensure the safety and health of all construction workers. Implementing safety and health training programs, develop and distribute safe-work information and remain politically active in the effort to make or retain laws and regulations that increase workplace security. 

Political Advocacy

NMBT pursues legislative action and awareness on matters that affect our members. This can include economic development and project funding; job training; retirement planning; and such day-to-day concerns as workplace health and safety, workers’ rights and the payment of prevailing wages.